Rental Policy- Frequently asked Questions

How can I rent something?

You can start the rent process simply by our website. We have hire section and from there, you can always send us your requirement details anytime of the day. We advise you by phone and help you in selecting the appropriate device to your requirements.

What data is required to request something?

Please send us your company name, address, contact person, telephone number, email address and, if available, your VAT ID.

What kind of data is required to rent?

When an initial order is placed, the data available for your company are checked by our Credit Control department and the payment terms are then defined. This check usually takes 1-2 days. You will receive an order confirmation after positive test.

When will a deposit be due?

In the case of rentals to private individuals and in the case of poor creditworthiness, the provision of a deposit in the amount of the equipment value may be condition for delivery. This deposit will be refunded after a defect-free return of the equipment less the rental costs.

Are the devices insured?

Our customers have the possibility to insure the rental equipment via us. The amount of the insurance rate amounts to an additional 9% of the equipment rental. When employed on public events such as trade fairs and events, the insurance rate is 13%.

How are the devices delivered?

We ship the equipment worldwide. You can also pick up the rental equipment in person (working days from 9 am to 6 pm).

How are the devices configured?

Desktops and notebooks are equipped with an operating system as standard. If you need additional software, we can provide it and pre-install it for a fee. We are happy to install your own images according to your specifications.

Can I install my own software?

Yes, if you rent a computer from us, you can of course install your own software. You do not have to return the devices to the original state as far as the software is concerned. Only the modification of the BIOS password is excluded.

How is the device returned?

The units can be returned from 9 am – 6 pm on working days. For mail order we arrange the return by an express service.

Are there other systems / devices than those listed on the website?

Yes, just ask. We can meet almost every device requirement.

What happens to my data after the end of the rental period?

All equipment returning from the rental will go through our return procedure. There they are cleaned and checked. Your data will be deleted during the return process. Various certified procedures for data erasure are offered at a surcharge. Upon request and for a fee, you will receive a certificate for the deletion of your data.

How is the rent counted?

We usually count the rent on the basis of days rather than hours as it becomes quite complex. The rent will start from the moment our device reaches your end and will continue till the time we have recieved the devices back at our office premises. However, you must keep all the proofs of postage so that in case of delays, you can let us know.

What happens if the device gets stolen or broken?

We will charge you for the prices of replacement or new one and send you the other device. It is requested to let us know immediately in case of loss or stolen so that we can take the necessary steps in time. In case of minor tear and wear, the devcies are acceptable without any fuss.

Can I take the devices abroad?

Usually we do not support this idea but for some companies that have regular meetings and events outside, it is possible. That depends on case to case basis. You need to mention the same while submitting your requirements. You essentially need to take insurance in such cases as most of the devices taken abroad are broken or stolen.