iMac rental creative solutions for training seminars and workshops

Renting IT equipment from One World Rental is quick and easy process, we have a large stock of Macbook Pro laptops with retina displays and iMacs to hire out for a range of corporate events. We pre-install the software and pre-test all of our devices, we also security check the devices for any viruses. One World Rental proves to be a cost-effective solution, we can always provide you with the latest models and supporting software, whereas buying the equipment will leave you with limited options.


Available in 21.5” & 27” sizes

High quality retina displays

Powerful processors and secure connections

Can synchronize apps across platforms

Compatible with other Apple hardware

Bluetooth connectivity for Apple pens and keyboards

Great to use for training seminars and temporary office setups


Lightweight and easy to carry around at events

High quality retina displays

Powerful processors and secure network connections

Can synchronize apps across all platforms

Bluetooth connectivity for Apple pens, keyboards and mouse

Great to use for larger conferences, presentations and speakers


Compact and space saving

Powerful processors and secure network connections

Great to use for smaller scaled events held in smaller offices

Apple Pen RENTAL

Precision drawing capabilities

Bluetooth connectivity

Great for making notes during a presentation

Pre-Installed Software

Every Mac delivered to you will have the latest version of Mac OS installed, along with a range of popular apps to be that little bit more creative and productive.The key applications will allow you to send emails, surf the web, and organise your business events. Pre-installed apps include Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Chrome, VLC, Mac Mail, Calendar, and iMovie.


The iZettle Payment Terminal device allows you to take card payments, contactless or through chip and pin. The device accepts all major cards and connects to device using Bluetooth connectivity.

A must have for quick and easy secure payments at your events.