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Zettle Hire | Effortless Event Payment Solutions

  • Supporting a Variety of Payment Options, Including Contactless
  • Efficient Zettle Hire Setup for Instant Sales
  • Rapid Charging for Extended Battery Life
  • Compatibility with Zettle, Nobly POS, and iKentoo POS software

Boost Sales with Zettle Rental

At One World Rental, we understand that businesses rent Zettle for various reasons. Clients choose Zettle for its swift and secure POS transactions, as well as its versatility as an award-winning card reader. Our expert event staff ensures seamless setup, making Zettle ideal for events like exhibitions, music festivals, pop-up shops, and charity fundraisers.

Customize your kit to suit your business – whether you require fixed counters or portable payment solutions. The Zettle rental service offers flexibility for almost any setup, seamlessly integrating with a variety of POS apps and ready to expand alongside your business growth aspirations

Boost Sales with Zettle Rental

Zettle Card Reader

Zettle Card Reader

Zettle terminal rental for quick and secure transactions.

Zettle Hire accepts payments from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, and Visa Electron

Bluetooth connectivity

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Zettle Charging Dock

Zettle Charging Dock

Charging dock for Zettle card reader.

Perfect to keep card reader on a counter

Ensures card reader is always charged

Makes card payments easy

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Zettle EPOS Kit Hire

Upgrade your business with our Zettle EPOS Kit Hire today! Experience seamless POS transactions and boost sales with our complete system at an unbeatable price.




iPad Stand

Cash drawer

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Enhance Event Transactions with Peripherals

We recognize the significance of smooth event transactions. That's why we provide comprehensive EPOS kit rentals, including state-of-the-art receipt printers, cash drawers, currency counters, and stands. Our diverse range of equipment is tailored to seamlessly address all your requirements, ensuring a successful event from the initial sale to the final receipt. Whether you need receipt printers or cash drawer rentals, we have all the necessary products for your EPOS system. Count on us to supply the essential equipment to enhance your event.



Used mainly for the purpose of an EPOS setup

Prints at a fast speed

Easy to use and reliable

Print receipt of an order when run through the till

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Star TSP100 Series

Star TSP100 Series

Ethernet & Wireless Lan


USB Type-B

Lightning Capabilities

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Till Roll

Used for client receipts

High-Quality Paper


Choose from various roll lengths

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 Cash Drawer Rental

Cash Drawer Rental

Keep your money safe and secure an event

Manual, which works when the drawer is pushed

Electronic, which works through an additional printer that pushes the drawer open when a transaction is put through.

Need a key to allow access.

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Bank Note Currency Counter

Bank Note Currency Counter

Electronic banknote counter

Counts up to 1,000 notes a minute

Detect fraudulent notes using UV lighting

Saves business time and money

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Heckler Stand

Heckler Stand

A display stand that can be used to hold all iPads except Pros and minis.

Can be secured through an adhesive pad or via solid fixing.

Offers a maximum weight-bearing capacity

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Beyond Zettle Hire and EPOS: Discover Our Leading Event IT Rentals

At One World Rental, including Zettle Hire service and EPOS Bundles, we offer full-fledged assistance for events of any size, offering a wide array of technology rentals including iMacs, iPads, iPhones, printers, scanners, laptops, and audiovisual equipment. With our wealth of expertise, we've effectively catered to clients across various sectors, including government, corporate, retail, education, hospitality, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, non-profit organizations, and beyond. Reach out to us today to enhance your event technology experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to common inquiries regarding our Zettle payment terminal rental, tailored for corporate and business events.

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You can rent Zettle readers and terminals, including their new all-in-one payment processing device. Additionally, you can rent complete kits with iPads, cash drawers, and scanners to seamlessly operate your bars, restaurants, and shops at events. One World Rental offers comprehensive solutions to alleviate the stress of payment processing and EPOS management at your event. Our all-in-one solution includes WiFi and networking for cashless payment options, along with staffing support.
The Zettle Terminal accepts various payment methods, including PayPal QR codes, Payment Links, contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and major credit cards. Similarly, the Zettle Reader supports most major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Payments are processed rapidly.
One World Rental offers the option to rent iPads alongside your Zettle reader for a comprehensive solution. If you prefer to rent iPads or the Zettle reader separately to pair with your own devices, we provide that flexibility. Contact our EPOS specialist to explore EPOS options for your event and rental solutions further.
One World Rental is the largest EPOS rental company worldwide, with global locations and direct partnerships with leading payment processing providers like Zettle. Our extensive inventory includes over 20,000 EPOS line items and 10,000 iPads, ensuring smooth operations during peak festival seasons. We've successfully provided solutions to some of the world's largest festivals and are expanding into new regions.
Our in-house Event WiFi team specializes in deploying WiFi and networking solutions at events, primarily for powering EPOS systems and organizer offices. Contact our experienced sales team to learn more about how One World Rental can enhance your event.
You can easily set up your own Zettle account within minutes, linked to your company and bank account. Multiple rented devices can be used simultaneously with a single Zettle account, and the sales proceeds are promptly deposited into your bank account via your Zettle account.