One World Rental has built strategic partnerships with a number of top app and software companies who are global market leaders.

Our team at One World Rental collaborate with app developers and provide successful event registration solutions for events that require delegation and guest management, this service is essential for an event manager where deadlines and budgets are restrained. We promise to deliver a cost-effective and tailored solution, whether you are hosting a conventions, corporate conferences, trade shows or exhibitions.

Barcode Scanner Rental

Providing our clients with a hassle-free event registration solution across the USA.

If your vision is to accommodate 5000 visitors into a convention centre seamlessly or have valuable analytics to consider, One World Rental can provide successful event solutions, our event registration apps combined with a range of the latest cutting edge hardware provide the ultimate technology experience for your visitors. Our hardware options are from trusted brands and we can supply in small or large volumes latest models of ipads, Microsoft Surface pro and iphones.

Here are some of the key features of an event registration app:

Badges & labels

Create event badges for registered visitors

Options to print onto branded templates

Black and white or full colour options

High resolution print quality

Registration management

Update details of attendees

Tailor content so it is event specific

Remove and refund registrations

Key collateral

Manage and have available key collateral

On-site guides and maps for attendees

Event rules and regulation leaflets

On brand brochures and packs

Stationary gimmicks for attendees

DATA Integration

A cost-effective solution

Increases business revenue

Connect current systems with social media

Event specific apps and software

We have a wide range of the latest event technology equipment that help assist event registration and check in apps:

Zebra zd500 great for printing on-brand ID badges

Scanners – quick and easy scan of barcodes

LINEA PRO for iPod & iPhone - a perfect point-of-sale and tracking solution.