Why choose us for your laptop rental services in the USA?

With One World Rental you are partnering with experienced and service driven suppliers who go above and beyond to fully understand your event requirements. We collaborate with our clients and tailor your laptop rental package to meet your specific business needs. At One World Rental our clients can rent laptops for a day or short-term from the world's leading trusted brands, including MacBook Pros, Lenovo, Dell, HP and Toshiba laptops.

Laptop rental for business.

What does your business require in a laptop? We have MacBooks, Lenovos, Surface Pros and Dells. You may have a favorite go-to device for processing spreadsheets, creating Powerpoint presentations or mixing soundtracks. Perhaps you’re equipping a temporary small-office set-up or editing footage for a live broadcast.

Whatever the project, you can be assured of getting fully tested laptops complete with software installation and setup. Businesses do not want the hassle of installing and setting up multiple laptops- it can take hours per device and time is money. At One World Rental, we offer the total solution for IT devices whether you need laptop rental for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, or product launches.

Laptop deliveries anywhere and everywhere.

Our hardware and software solutions are delivered globally. Need a laptop rental in Turkey? We can do that. Renting a laptop in Tennessee? Not a problem. We also deliver to areas that other IT companies won’t, like Moscow, Panama, Seoul, Kazakhstan, and the Ivory Coast. Whether you need equipment next door, or one world over, we’ve got you covered. We deliver laptops across USA including California, Palo Alto, Florida, Georgia, La, Vegas, Chicago.

One World Rental provides event software solutions.

In addition to laptops and other hardware, we also have an extensive range of apps and software that can be pre-installed on your iPad, laptop or cell phone. We work closely with software and app developers and can offer specialised apps which focus on:

Check in apps
Live polling / voting
Lead capture
Conference apps
Market research
Data collection
Live seminars

Our laptops can be supplied with Mac OS or Windows software. MacBooks arrive with Mac Mail, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, VLC and Chrome pre-installed. Windows PC's are typically provided with Microsoft office including PowerPoint, Excel, Word, VLC and other internet browsers. Additional software licenses are available and installed upon request. Unless otherwise specified we can make regular updates so that all your software is ready to use upon arrival.

Providing laptop rentals for a variety of events and exhibitions including:

Bulk Laptop Rentals
Rent Laptop For A Day
Rent Laptop Short Term
Laptop Rental For Business
Laptop Rental For Exhibitions
Laptop Rental New York
Laptop Rental Virginia
Laptop California
Laptop Chicago
Laptop Florida

One World Rental offers our clients and partners:


Hire a MacBook Pro 13" Laptop

Lightweight and easy to carry around at event.

High quality retina displays

2.8 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor.

4.7GHz Turbo Boost.

Great to use for larger conferences, presentations and speakers

MacBook Pro 15" Intel Core i7 Retina

With retina display

Ninth Generation 8-core i9 processor

5GHz Turbo Boost

Secure connections

MacBook Pro Retina with Touch Bar

With Retina displays

Hire for interactive presentations & conferences

Increase speed and functionality with the Touch Bar

Secure connections

laptop rental

Lenovo 700 Core 15″

15-inch display

Rent laptop for a day or more

8GB and 16GB RAM options

Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 OS options

laptop rental usa

Lenovo G70 Core 17″

17-inch display

2.2GH Quad Core i5 & Core i7

8GB & 16GB RAM options

Nvidia graphics card options

Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 OS

laptop for hire

Dell E Series 15″

15-inch display

Rent laptop short-term

2.4GH Quad Core i5 & Core i7

8GB and 16GB RAM options

Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 OS options

MacBook Pro (Retina)

15-inch display

Bulk laptop rentals available

Quad Core i5 & i5 Options

8GB RAM, 500GB


Surface Pro Core i5

12.3-inch Pixel Sense display

Functions as a laptop, tablet or creative studio

128GB storage and 8GB RAM

Laptop rental USA? Here are just a few examples including:

Laptop rental California - CA

Our laptop rental tech is perfect and remarkable to help you fuel productivity in an event or any organization in California – CA. Also, the upgraded models will offer 100% customer satisfaction in California – CA.

Laptop Rental Chicago

We have an extensive inventory of fully-customized inventory in Chicago – IL. Along with that, we rent devices with advanced processors to carry out routine operations in Chicago – IL.

Laptop Rental Florida – FL

At One World Rental, we rent laptops with advanced and updated features so you can get to the edge of accessibility in Florida – FL. Even if you are hosting a meeting or tradeshow in Florida – FL, we are here to help.

Laptop Rental Georgia – GA

In the world of technical advancements, we provide laptop tech in Georgia – GA that is custom-built. And works efficiently to improve your tasking and perfect to entice a diverse crowd on social platforms in Georgia – GA.

Laptop Rental Illinois – IL

Along with the feasible rental policies, we facilitate you with devices that have a smart user-interface for efficient tasking Illinois – IL. Also, the advanced processor is great for editing and data management while hosting an event in Illinois – IL.

Laptop Rental Los Angeles – LA

Whether you want to games or use it for branding in Los Angeles – LA. Our laptop rental tech in Los Angeles – LA is perfect to outshine your performance.

Laptop Rental Las Vegas – Nev

With our power laptop technology and collaborative approach in Las Vegas – Nev, you can rent advanced devices to conduct conferences and meetings in Las Vegas – Nev.

Laptop Rental Palo Alto – CA

Need an efficient and effective solution for hosting smart events in Palo Alto – CA? We have a wide-spread inventory of high-end devices in Palo Alto – CA.

Laptop Rental New York – NYC

Our high-end devices with smart user-interface allow you to delve into more seamless experiences in New York – NYC. We provide cutting edge technology that ideally meets your requirements in New York – NYC.

Laptop Rental Virginia – VA

We have experts who make sure to deliver smart devices at your venue in Virginia – VA. Also, our technical specialists offer assistance like no one else in Virginia – VA.

The key essentials whilst hiring out a laptop!

We have a large range of supporting accessories available: Bluetooth and wired keyboards, cables, dual-band routers  Zebra ZD500 printers (especially effective for printing onto ID Badges.)