WI-FI Rental Solutions for events

A fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection is essential for the success of your live events. Whether you are planning an event on a small or large scale, in shops, at a festival or conferences, One World Rental will provide you with the right Wi-Fi networking solutions tailored specifically for your business.

Our Wi-Fi products deliver high-speed secure connections allowing users to connect easily to their social media accounts, with live check-ins and trending hashtags it is a great business opportunity to increase your brand exposure. The Personalized Bonded internet device is the most sensible rental option for events holding over 100 internet users, it also has the added benefit of using the Wi-Fi indoors or outdoors.

We have a team of expert installation technicians who travel to you, set-up and ensure that each solution is correctly implemented with minimal disruption to your event.

Ruckus Wi-Fi solutions bring innovation and simplicity to our clients networking specifics. We can deliver and install on a global scale and provide advanced Wi-Fi security solutions tailored to large volumes of users and simultaneously provide continuous interoperability.

4G LTE MiFi Router

If you are looking to use multiple devices in the same area e.g. an exhibition stand at a trade fair or a meeting at a venue where Wi-Fi is not available then using a Mi-Fi router is an ideal solution. Powered with 4G internet and a reasonable battery life you are able to connect multiple devices to internet anywhere, anytime.

4G LTE Professional Router

One World Rental offers a range of industrial grade 4G and Networking equipment which can be set up by our own technicians or delivered fully configured. Power up to 100 devices using our industrial 4G router and APN Networking Kits.

Personalised bonded internet set up

This internet service is used for large scale events with a personalized networking solution. Can be used indoors or outdoors and connect to over 100 devices.

Ruckus ZoneFlex R710

Indoor Wi-Fi solutions with industry-leading performance and reliability.

Ruckus ZoneFlex T710

Great solutions for outdoor Wi-Fi connections – festivals and pop-up shops.

Cradlepoint COR IBR900

Providing high performance, secure cloud solutions for kiosks and digital signage.

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet technology enhances both performance and reliability for your event.


We now have available the Surface Pro i5.

The Surface Pro delivers exceptional power and performance. It is lightweight and fully portable making your journey easier.