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Rent LED video wall solutions for events and exhibitions across the USA

Our LED video walls have high resolution displays and are fully adaptable. They expand through a tiling system that can extend up to 20 meters wide.  One World Rental Audio-Visual experts can collaborate with you to design an ideal layout and integrate your LED wall hire to fit any event theme or style. Create compelling visual displays for guests at a variety of events including: 

Music concerts and festivals
Live award shows
Fashion events
Sporting events
Fundraising events
Digital presentations
 Product/ service launches
Interactive events

What are LED wall applications?

What can you use LED walls for? The applications are endless. Our clients showcase video walls for product launches, as the backdrop at fashion shows and to present highlights at sporting events. Charity fundraisers use video walls to promote messages and make an impact on their funding targets. They’re also extremely popular at concerts and festivals, as well as award shows and competitions.

LED wall hire and Pixel Pitch.

Pixel Pitch is important because it influences the optimal viewing distance and correlates with screen resolution. Technically, Pixel Pitch describes the density of the pixels, and the smaller the Pixel Pitch, the closer the optimal viewing distance. Our LED walls have the perfect balance of viewing distance and screen resolution with a 2.9 Pixel Pitch.

Rent LED video wall options for corporate messaging that makes a statement.

Our video walls are difficult to miss! Promote your services and products with corporate messaging that attracts attention and helps people remember your brand. With the potential for up to 20 meters of corporate messaging, your marketing platform just expanded.

LED video wall hire will take your digital experience to the next level.

The LED walls are made up of several panels which provide a steady base for launching high resolution videos and presentations. Corporate events have come to rely on them for the effective integration of digital technology and event marketing. We can collaborate video walls with mobile and iPad devices which enable promoters to fully control the content displayed. Our technical experts can configure and install them.

Additional hardware and services at One World Rental.

At One World Rental we provide just about any type of event-related hardware you need including iPads, iMacs, laptops, Audio-Visual equipment, POS devices, digital signage, and more. We also offer app creation and software configuration, as well as delivery, logistics, installation and technical event staffing. Need internet solutions? We provide Wi-Fi solutions for any environment, regardless of existing infrastructure.

To learn more about our LED video wall hire or any of our additional hardware, software or technical event solutions contact us today for a free full consultation and competitive quote.
led wall hire


2.9 Pixel Pitch ensures optimal viewing distance

Up to 15-degree curved panels

Lightweight - ideal both for floor standing and trussing

Large led wall display hire


Our 55ʺ LED display is Ultra HD

Delivered with a double mount floor stand

USB port, HDMI connections