Big festival coming up?

Need to connect your audience to social media?

One World Rentals are here to partner with you and deliver effective Wi-Fi solutions for festival event managers, by providing high-speed, and secure Wi-Fi connections to their audiences.

As an event manager one of the key features to make a festival successful is to have intelligent Wi-Fi solutions readily available.

In todays fast moving world where the mobile is at everyone’s fingertips, your users will want to connect almost instantly to post their live videos, status updates, check-ins and selfies directly to their social media accounts.

One World Rental will discuss with you the right Wi-Fi solutions tailored to your occasion, we have been proven to supply connections that are secure, uninterrupted and more importantly, fast. This will tick all the boxes for your audience and for your business, a great way to give your brand some online exposure.

We have wide range of Ruckus wireless products available to aid your event, they have several key features:

Seamless connections
Immense scalability
Robust WLAN management
Advanced Wi-Fi security
High - quality performance

We have the latest and most effective remote technology and many years of experience of delivering Wi-Fi even in the most challenging environments. Our key account managers will tailor your festival Wi-Fi solutions so your whole team including your sponsors and live bands also have uninterrupted and fast connectivity.

On-site network management is provided during the event from a dedicated technical support team.

One World Rental deliver on a global scale, we can ensure a secure, fast and prompt delivery of your rental service or equipment.

Our high-skilled technicians will set-up and install your connections to ensure everything runs efficiently, we will be there through-out the whole process.

We have a wide range of the latest hardware equipment tailored to event check-ins:

Zebra zd500

Great for printing on-site ID badges and wristbands.

Zebra DS2208 scanner

Easy scanning of QR codes which could connect to festival promotions.

LINEA PRO for iPod & iPhone

A perfect point-of-sale and tracking solution.

Ruckus ZoneFlex R710

Indoor Wi-Fi solutions with industry-leading performance and reliability.

Cradlepoint COR IBR900

Providing high performance, secure cloud solutions for kiosks and digital signage.

Satellite Internet

Powerful connections for large scale events.


One World Rental can supply an excellent solution for interactive digital signage, kiosks and presentations.

Have a look at the iiyama 27” Touchscreen providing you with wide viewing angles and a larger work space.