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October 15, 2019
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December 4, 2019
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Technology is not a stranger in our lives. Whether we want to order some food, some product, work from home, conference or anything else, we are heavily dependent on technology. The same goes for event planning and management. Event planners rely on technology to make sure that the event goes smoothly and their event goals and objectives are met. There’s a solid reason for that. Studies have found that when events are integrated with technology, they increase the attendance by 20% and increase the productivity by 27%, all the while decreasing the event cost by more than 30%. These are huge statistics that prove that technology can be the factor that either breaks the event or makes it.

Nowadays, we have different technologies that offer us everything from custom and branded event registration apps to budgeting, communication and everything in between. This might become a problem for event managers and planners as the plethora of options might confuse them. That is why we are mentioning the top technology trends that event planners should look out for in 2020 to make sure that their events are the talk of the town and their event objectives are fulfilled.


Projection Mapping

Do you know what project mapping is? Basically it gives you an augmented reality experience by using multiple projectors. The projectors that we have normally seen used to cast images on flat screens, whether you wanted to show graphics or videos. With projection mapping, you can use any surface and turn your everyday realia or any object for that matter into a beautiful and stunning 3D display.

With this technology, event planners can transform the traditional and boring kiosk or any space. They can create optical illusions or anything that they want like cars, landscapes, and everything in between. They can let their imaginations fly as there are no limits to what you can do with projection mapping. You can display interactive maps of the convention or the tradeshow, you can create real time social media walls, or you can display amazing visuals. If you are planning a product launch, you can project your latest product in 3D and allow your users to investigate and observe the products.

This is a cost effective and highly mesmerizing and engaging technology that will definitely disrupt the traditional event industry in 2020. You can use this technology for any and all kinds of events.



5G is the latest internet technology to hit the market. It is still in its infancy, but it is predicted to take over the industry very quickly. As we all know that when we got 4G LTE, it was much faster than the normal 3G connection. With 4G, we could stream videos, chat live, and use navigation in real time. That wasn’t all, there were a lot of things that we could do with 4G that we couldn’t with 3G. Now take that concept and multiply it with a 1000 and you can get an idea of what 5G has to offer us. Even though it is not specific to events alone, but it will have a major impact on the event industry. You will be able to use cloud based apps much more reliably and much faster than before.

With 5G in the mix, you and your attendees won’t have to worry about internet connectivity. You will have more choice of venue than before as you will be able to choose the venues that don’t offer Wi-Fi. It will allow you and your attendees to live stream videos from the event and share it on social media platforms easily, and so much more.

Branded Apps

As more time passes, we rely on apps for various activities more and more. The same is true for the event industry. With your own branded apps, you can connect with your attendees in a more personalized manner.

Apps have been in the industry for a while, but branded apps have entered the market recently and they are making a huge wave. Now you can have an app specifically for your events with functionalities that you want. When your visitors download your app, you will be able to enhance their experience and personalize it more than you could have done previously.

You can use branded apps to connect with your attendees before, during, and after the event. You can use your app to collect data and find out the registration to check-in ration in real time. With the right app, you can:

  • Reserve tickets
  • Offer personalized agendas
  • Conduct polls and surveys
  • Offer brand messages
  • Send instant announcements, and so much more

Users can access your app to find out the latest events, find out maps and navigate them to know where they want to go, ask questions and get immediate answers and more.

You can even offer gamification in your app and entertain your attendees while promoting your brand.

As more time passes, event planning becomes more and more about providing the perfect experiences. With the right technologies by your side, you can create a truly personalized experience for each and every one of your attendees, no matter how many they are and come to be known in the industry as the event industry leader.

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