Rent iPad Pro for your shows, seminars, Events, conferences and other occasions for business and personal use.


The iPad Pro is a tool offering mobility and many possibilities. Stand out by using it wisely at Seminars conferences or when specific operations, such as street marketing.

Because you do not have internally the right equipment, you want that we accompany you in your events … we offer benefits iPad Pro Hire, day, week or more depending on your needs. Our rental fleet includes Retina iPad Pros 16GB WiFi and 4G. As usual, we also offer 4G packages, specific accessories, and materials.


Our iPad Pro are delivered blank or customized according to your wishes:

  • Background images of screens
  • Installing Applications
  • Integration of content, photos, videos…
  • Custom applications


Our digital agency can support the realization of your content (visual, videos …), and the development of customized applications.


We can assist you in the grip of the tool and train your staff and hostesses for the use of the iPad Pro hire, particularly in the case of use of our rental services.


Our company based in the very heart of London is easily accessible so you can come and collect the equipment you need. Overwhelmed by the organization, you can also use our delivery service. We deliver the day before your event, your company or in the same place.


In the context of the use of iPad Pro, you can use your media or have special needs. Our rental service is part of a digital agency. Our team responsible for the design and application development is here to meet your needs and assist you in your projects, writing specifications dissemination, through graphic design.


The iPad Pro Rentals allow you to achieve more attractive presentations, conference or face to face. Through this type of submission, you provide a friendly and attractive tool enrich your presentation with all possible media: images, sounds, videos…


Gain performance when hosting seminars, events, openings, fairs, open house. We offer a solution for annotating. Simple, you access the list of your visitors / guests and staff. The hostesses are so mobile and faster.


iPad Pro facility taking information or seizure on the move, in your events, in a place of sales or as part of a street marketing operation.


One can imagine many events marketing operations: game “instant win” satisfaction questionnaires, surveys, quizzes. The tablet increases team performance, fueling public curiosity, passers, and allows harvesting real-time information in the case of a connection.


A Large Size For Better Visibility

With a stunning Retina display of 12.9 inches (a little larger than an A4 sheet) processing speeds almost twice as fast as the iPad Air 2 and Multi-Touch technology perfected yet, the iPad Pro gives this unique object a new dimension.

This is not simply a larger iPad. This is an iPad that gives you the means to develop productivity and creativity to an unexpected level. Multitasking allows you to increase productivity by working in two apps at once.

Size side is tiny 6.9 millimeters thick for a featherweight 713 grams.


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