New Ways to Use Old Event Mobile Apps

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December 17, 2018
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December 17, 2018

Making events digital with event mobile apps replace paper and helps you experience the digital world exactly the way you want it. No doubt, the event mobile app has been adapted by various companies for the meeting and conferences. But event mobile app fails to help with the most effective engagement i.e., face-to-face engagement. Getting attendees to use the app is still a challenge.  The app can’t replace the attendees but helps to optimize it. Moreover, the app provides immense benefit for annual report, by monitoring and measuring the interaction. By automating some of the classic engagement activities one may involve the attendees to use the app. Some of the activities may include:

Question & Answer Series:

The most common session in every conference presentation is the Q & A session. The manual method of passing the wireless device in audience eats the time and some of the audience member has to scramble to a stationary microphones.

Eliminating these disturbances with a mobile app is a better option. The mobile app with the features like: ask question. Which allow the audience to enter their questions and it is directly sent to the speaker. It will help maintaining the smooth flow and will also let audience clear their doubts; even the shyest candidate present can help himself/herself.

Live Polling:

Managing large audience response over certain topic via live polling is an important part of conference. The polling apps allow audience to answer polls with the help of their mobile device. Integrating the poll apps with the event app will help the conference management team, as it allows data to be tabulated in real-time which doesn’t affect the pace of the presentation. The responses appear immediately on display screen at the front of the room during the event and give planners the ability to pull reports of the poll responses afterward. 

Mobile Matchmaking:

Mobile matchmakingapps eliminate the guesswork around who to engage with. They use attendee and exhibitor profiles and matching algorithms to suggest matches. It helps to solve the problem of conference-goers to find others who share the same interest and the exhibitors who completely fits.


Gasification helps the planners to meet certain objectives like getting certain demographic to engage or the breaking of ice for the newcomers. Some Passport-style games make attendees go from booth to booth in a trade show racking up points that later can be exchanged for prizes.

Enhancing new features and adding new audience in the list increases the probability of using IT rentals services: Event Check In/Registration App, Macbook rental and iPad hire. Leading the success graph of rental world.

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