iPad Pro vs. iPad Mini: Which Is Your Best Fit For Your Business?

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December 17, 2018
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ipad pro vs ipad mini

Apple requires no introduction in the field of tech devices. Apple is known to be inventing the tech equipment we could only imagine. iPads are one of the bestselling tablets around the world for some reason. Selecting an iPad model for you can get tricky. Apple’s iPad pro brings faster chips and high tech resolution display and the iPad mini has the best-LED retina screens. Now, what is best for you? Let’s figure it out.


The iPad mini 4 has a 2048×1536 screen. Apple’s iPad mini is superior over every other iPad in line in its pixel density.  The iPad pro has Retina 2732×2048, 264ppi screen.


The iPad mini has Stereo (dual) speakers, while iPad pro has 4-speaker.

Processor speed

The A8 chip is inserted in iPad minis and the A10X chip is in iPad pros. And that’s why on the basis of better chips iPad pro is recommended. No doubt iPad pro models have the best processors. Due to iPad mini’s A8 processor, it is a lot slower than the other tablets in line.


iPad mini has 19.1-watt, 9*-10 hours battery, while the iPad pros have 41‐watt, 9*-10 hours battery life.


The size of the iPad mini is 8″x5.3″ and while iPad pro have a size of 12″x8.68″


The Apple pencil is supported by both the iPad Pro and iPad mini. It is a pressure-sensitivity stylus. The Apple pencil is the magnificent and yet the most powerful stylus in other of the styluses out there. Apple pencil enjoys robust app support too. The change in the stylus is the pencil used in base-model iPad and iPad pro is the latter’s ProMotion technology.

Smart Connector

The new smart connector feature in the iPad models is incredible. It uses magnetic technology to connect and charge the keyboard.  The smart keyboard clicks directly in the smart connector at the corner of the iPad Pro. You will never to bother pairing the smart keyboard in the settings of Bluetooth. Just snap it on and off when not in use to save battery.


The iPad pro models storage starts at 64GB. You can get four times more of this storage in extra 100$ or 512GB storage for an extra of 300$. The iPad mini can be availed at the storage of 128GB for 399$.


iPad pro12.9-inch display can be bought at the price of from $999. And the mini can be bought at $399. Seems expensive right but there are iPad rental services that cover that problem, where you can hire the iPad mini and many more IT devices but on iPad pro rental service, you can get the best iPad pro tablets.

Who should buy the 12.9-inch iPad Pro?

This iPad is a heaven for people to draw and paint with Apple pencil. And this Tablet is a good option for the ones who love to edit large photos and videos. This can be used by who love to multitask.

Who should buy the iPad mini 4?

This is for the ones who love reading and don’t want to use their big iPhones for reading.

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