Apple’s basic iPads over iPad pro: Choose the Smartest One

May 7, 2019
June 10, 2019
ipads vs ipad pro

Last year Apple introduced four new models of iPads. One was iPad Mini 4, another was the iPad and the other two were versions of iPad Pro. After the whole year of utilizing these devices, people have come to result that Apple’s basic iPad is still a better option than iPad Pros. Why? Let’s have a look at reasons that ensures basic iPads are better.


Price is always the most important consideration when it comes to buying iPads. On that aspect, iPads are highly appealing. Let’s see the price:

•    9.7-inch iPad ranges from $329 to $559

•    10.5-inch iPad Pro ranges from $649 to $1,129

•    12.9 inch iPad Pro ranges from $799 to $1,279

These high-end iPad Pros are coming under the laptop’s category by price perspective. So with that in mind, you will need to think about the benefits of iPad Pro and see if it makes sense for you.

High-quality display

The major difference between the basic iPad and iPad Pro is their display technology. The iPad Pro model has an addition to Apple’s ProMotion technology. They have a 120 Hz refresh rate that creates a soothing experience for users from browsing web pages to streaming videos. Due to the enhanced refresh rate, the use of Apple pencil makes you feel like you are writing on paper.

The 9.7 inches basic iPad comes with the same Apple pencil support. Its display looks incredible even on the retina display. You might feel a little difference in iPads if you hold them side by side. But other than that you won’t be missing the ProMotion technology much.

Accessories connectivity

The only thing that 9.7 inch iPad would be missing is the connectivity of Apple’s smart keyboard. But still, you won’t be missing it much.

The basic iPad has the connectivity to almost everything that iPad Pro models can and the credit for that goes to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. It can also support Apple pencil.

The only connectivity option basic iPads lack is Apple’s smart keyboard. The iPad Pros have the built-in smart connectors to let the tablets connect with the smart keyboard automatically. With that, continuous data and power-sharing within the devices.

This smart keyboard costs around $160 to $170 for the 12-inch iPad. These higher rates always discourage people from buying, but you don’t have to be worry you can always use iPad rental services.

Bigger displays aren’t always better

The 9.7-inch display is classic and same since 2010. Since then Apple kept the form and display size of this tablet same. Though Apple added size alternatives into other Apple devices like iPad Mini.

But still, the 9.7-inch seems fit for most of the people based on the reviews. People call it a comfortable and portable device.


The iPad Pro models have the best cameras in the whole line of Apple iPads. You can shoot in 4k. Super slow motion videos can be made in 240 frames per second. In short, they have the best shooting features.

But there is a thought that how often you will be shooting videos and pictures with a big iPad. Nobody uses an iPad to shoot in the family functions or at public places and even if you do, we suggest you don’t. It looks really weird to hold big tablets to shoot videos in public instead use a phone.

Better FaceTime quality

These iPad pros have the best FaceTime quality cameras. These iPad models record video in 1080 HD, which is really good quality. But unless you aren’t recording your FaceTime or filming yourself talking, the basic iPad cameras will be a perfect fit as they have HD camera quality.

Weight comparison

Now comes the weight comparison of the basic Apple iPads and Pro models. Actually, the weight of the basic 9.7-inch iPad and the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is almost the same. But the 12.9 inch iPad pro is heavier than these. If you have FOMO then you be choosing bigger screen iPads. But then your iPad will be heavier as it has a bigger display and they are meant to hold so they will not be light.

The basic 9.7-inch iPad and the 10.5-inch iPad Pro weighs about one pound. But the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is heavier and it weighs about 1.5 pounds. It may not sound heavy but after it is bought you would be stuck with it for a while. Carrying heavy tablets around family events and in public is no trend and it also makes you look outdated.  

Not much difference

It doesn’t matter which iPad you buy, you will be getting the same iOS experience. They both will have the same ecosystem, the App Store, and updates from Apple.

Honestly, iPad Pro has no much superiority over the basic iPad models, especially now when basic iPads also support Apple pencil. For more details visit One World Rental USA.

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