Advantages of Using Laptops Instead of Papers for Exams

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Since the turn of the century, there has been a surge in demand for technology. Undeniably, the education system is also transforming as technology is introduced in every part of the system.  The classroom is no longer the only place where students can learn and get an education. With the help of laptops and the internet, it is possible at any time and from anywhere.  

As the Coronavirus hit the world in 2020, all the educational activities shifted online. Since then, conducting online exams is in high demand as all the stakeholders receive the benefits. Conducting online exams on laptops is not only economical for the institutes’ administration, but it is also the most feasible. 

For online exams and learning, the student requires a laptop. Most colleges now prefer students to study and take exams on laptops instead of paper. 

Online learning programs benefit from computer-based or online exams in a variety of ways. In this article, we’ll go through 9 remarkable benefits of conducting exams on laptops. 

Benefits of conducting exams on laptops

The computer-based exam has so many advantages for students, and teachers. These benefits include better administration, organized grading, quick assessment, and many more.  

Let’s start the discussion: 

  1. Live assessment and scoring – Good for students & teachers
  2. Exam on the laptop provides exam security
  3. Students have peace of mind when they receive exam results immediately
  4. The online exam has a low risk to misplace
  5. Substantial time and cost saved in marking
  6. Environment-friendly exam technique –  Save trees save nature
  7. Exam on laptops assists students with disabilities
  8. Exam candidates are more digital environment-friendly
  9. Multimedia and simulations make it fun and interactive

1. Live assessment and scoring – Good for students & teachers

Conducting exams on laptops instead of papers provides live assessment and scoring. This facility announces results immediately and this gives students peace of mind. In traditional exams over paper, students wait for exam results for a long time. This long wait leads them to tension and anxiety.  

However, students can know their test results quickly with online exams on their laptops. This results in less anxiety and pressure, which affects their long-term learning abilities.

Marking online exams is much faster, and candidates prefer seeing their results quickly. Using auto-scorable questions, students can get immediate and continual feedback on their exam scores.

2. Exam on the laptop provides exam security

The potential of the paper leaking while moving to other examination centers is high in paper-based exams. However, the online examination method reduces this risk.

Moreover, the examination process is more flexible and secure with an online exam. Once all of the questions have been submitted, the system can shuffle and assign questions to students in a different order. This reduces the possibility of cheating.

This is not conceivable with a paper-based exam because the paper doesn’t print differently for each student, allowing for malpractice.

Online exams on laptops help examination authorities to keep an eye on plagiarism through tools. These exams on laptops provide security against plagiarism. This system is ideal for education to produce original content during the exam. 

online exams, exams on laptops

One of the most intriguing features of online exams during COVID-19 is the use of AI proctoring tools. During a live video examination, they can capture and detect even the tiniest behavior and violation. They then examine them and prepare reports for the exam supervisor.

3. Students have peace of mind when they receive exam results immediately

While waiting for exam results, students have been shown to experience tension and anxiety. Students can know their test results quickly with online exams, with the exception of particular tasks such as essays. Online exams on laptops cause less anxiety and pressure, which has an impact on their long-term learning abilities.

4. The online exam has a low risk to misplace

Yes, it is very common for exams to misplace while these are taken on the papers. Misplacing exams is very concerning for both students and teachers. And yes, it’s true. 

One of the most common concerns among teachers is losing an exam paper. Particularly misplacing a final exam, because they may not see those kids again after the exam.

To avoid this problem, conducting exams on a laptop is the best option. It keeps the record safe and protects from misplacing. Everything stays safe in the database. And laptops are the best choice for online exams. 

5. Substantial time and cost saved in marking

Traditional exams on paper distribution demand adequate time for end-to-end management. The advantages of an online assessment system, have sped up the procedure. Examiners can simply submit the participants’ email addresses and invite them to the examination. This feature also helps in the immediate compilation of results.

This process is cost-saving as;

  • It doesn’t need paper
  • Invigilators for paper distribution and collection. 

An online exam provides an automatic surveillance mode, in which a web camera is attached to the system. This camera takes photos of the student for the exam and can act as an invigilator/supervisor, saving both money and time.

This system also doesn’t need paper checkers as checking can be done through software. So this is another cost-saving factor. As a result, one of the benefits of taking exams on laptops is that it eliminates unnecessary and costly operations. This is boosting the bottom line of the educational institution that administers it.

6. Environment-friendly exam technique –  Save trees save nature

Traditional paper-and-pencil exams have a negative impact on the environment. Cutting down trees for paper has evident severe environmental consequences. Given a large amount of paper waste, efforts must be done to reduce the use of natural resources. Another benefit of exams on laptops is that it significantly protects the environment in the world. This is one of the goals of today’s world to address the climate change catastrophe. 

Nature no longer has to bear the weight of human insensitivity, thanks to technological advancements. Using an online exam technique will allow institutions and organizations to go paperless. 

Paperless exams cut the need to print exam papers and keep a paper record of candidates. So, exams on laptops are far more environmentally friendly, as it requires less paper, printing, and transportation.

online exams, save trees and conduct exams on laptops

7. Exam on laptops assists students with disabilities

One other benefit of conducting exams on laptops is that it assists students with disabilities.  Persons with disabilities can use laptops for exams as an alternative to traditional assessments. Students with motor skills issues, for example, can just touch the screen for the answer instead of writing it down. For essays, for example, voice-to-text is a suitable choice. The options are limitless.

If exams on laptops are uniformly constructed, they may pose fewer obstacles to test-taking than paper-based tests. Learners with visual, auditory, and motor impairments can benefit from

  • Screen readers
  • Magnification tools
  • Text-to-voice or voice-to-text applications

8. Exam candidates are more digital environment-friendly

Younger generations have grown up with technology. They are almost professionals at using laptops, phones, and tablets. Actually, they grew up in a digital world. Much more than paper and ink, the use of these devices as part of their daily lives fostered familiarity and comfort. This connection to technology may result in a more comfortable and enjoyable exam experience.

Instead of utilizing pen and paper, exam candidates might work on a computer in a way that is natural to them. 

Switching to pen and paper after working digitally with an online course can be tough, and it can become stressful over time. So, exams on laptops help students to perform well and efficiently.    

9. Multimedia and simulations make it fun and interactive

Unlike exams with pen and paper, online exam tools might include multimedia such as films or recordings. Put that down on paper and see what happens. This looks quite interesting to students. 

Students are proven to be more engaged in learning and, as a result, in evaluations when using multimedia. Visual and auditory learners are more focused on the test as a result of these stimuli. They find it better than those who are exposed to a continuous string of words and sentences page after page, putting a load on the brain.

 Exam on laptop Isn’t a Silver Bullet

Laptop-based online exams aren’t a cure-all. Through AI tools, assessment is a method of determining how well students are learning. Its application, like any other instrument, is tailored to the desired result. However, assessment tools are also not equal when it comes to measuring every skill or intended learning outcome. Once we’ve designed our exams, technology provides various advantages. However, excellent assessments rely on appropriate use and design to measure what they’re supposed to measure.

 Final Thoughts

The benefits of Conducting Exams on Laptops are in numbers as mentioned in this article. The world is taking steps to protect the environment and the use of technology is supporting them in this cause. Avoiding the use of paper can save the number of trees and protect the climate. 

For a student, a laptop is expensive. A decent laptop is out of reach for the majority of students. For this reason, there is a laptop rental option available. If you like, you can rent a laptop. One World Rental offers laptop rental in large quantities to educational institutions all around the world. To rent out laptops for exams or educational purposes, visit One World Rental.

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