5 Best VR Accessories in 2022

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July 28, 2022
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You might discover new mesmerizing landscapes and immersive dimensions because you’ve formally entered the virtual reality world. The ability to swiftly take you to other locations that are simply not possible on other devices makes the experience unexpected and occasionally breathtaking. 

Your human body keeps reminding you that you are still on Earth. We’re talking about annoyances that affect the body, including aches and pains. We have a few accessories that will make your VR experience more comfortable and accessible, so don’t worry! 

The best VR accessories will enhance your experience even further. You’ll also need some of the best virtual reality accessories to improve your VR experiences. These add-ons can improve the headset’s comfort while being worn for an extended period, increase its battery life, and, if you choose, increase its capabilities. 

To go along with your best VR accessories, we’ve compiled a list. Keep reading! 

What are the benefits of VR accessories? 

Yes, I am aware. Your VR headset accessories cost pretty much high. Right now, spending more is not exactly in your budget. That is completely understandable, however, these best VR accessories are inexpensive. They could greatly enhance your experience with owning, moving, and even using your VR system. 

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Comfortable & lightweight materials Wired headphones 

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5 must-have VR accessories for every user 

 1 VR Gloves 


3 Logitech G333 VR Gaming Earphones 

4 NOLO motion tracking kit 

5 Skywin PSVR 


1 VR Gloves 

VR Gloves


The first one on the list of best VR accessories is vr gloves . One benefit of VR gloves is that they offer a real tactile feel, which enhances the attraction and lifelikeness of the experience. Although there are a few VR gloves available, they are mostly geared for business use. However, there are a few that the customers can use.  

As an excellent substitute for VR controllers, consider CaptoGlove’s wearable gaming hand machine interface. It is entirely compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows PCs and is platform agnostic. To control different game movements, hand gestures are used. Lifting and positioning items, as well as other physics-based interactions, are examples of object manipulation. 


VR Gloves

Benefits of VR Gloves 

You may have heard about VR Gloves, but you may not fully understand their benefits. These wearable virtual reality devices are made to simulate real-world motions, and there are several reasons why this is beneficial.  

  • First of all, they are easier to use than ever before.  
  • A VR glove uses a sensor to detect finger motions and can turn the wearer into a virtual participant. This makes VR more fun than ever! 




The XPACK VR Mat is a 35-inch-wide, non-slip floor mat. The textured surface provides a tactile barrier that prevents users from bumping into each other and objects. The mat is durable and made of comfortable materials. It can be used on a variety of floors, so there’s no worry about spills or slipping. It also has raised shapes to help you keep track of your position while playing VR games. 

This Mat is made of high-quality materials and features an embossed design on its top layer. Its price is modest at around $80 to $90 and provides an excellent level of comfort. It’s ideal for people who enjoy playing VR and would like to feel like they’re in the middle of the playspace. In addition to its durability and comfort, the XPACK VR Mat offers a 35-inch diameter surface that enhances the sense of position awareness while playing VR. 

To ensure safety, choose a mat with beveled edges to prevent tripping. You don’t want to be on a mat that’s too thick, since it will make standing on it difficult. Look for a mat that has anti-fatigue foam to reduce the chance of tripping. If you’re unsure about which mat to buy, you can also read reviews and check out the product’s quality. But this product is surely on the list of best VR accessories.  

Benefits of XPACK VR Mat 

  • The textured surface on the XPACK VR Mat is ideal for use in a VR gaming environment as it acts as a tactile barrier and physical limit to the playspace.  
  • In addition, the mat has a cushioned core, which reduces joint stress and fatigue.  
  • The mat’s grippy bottom prevents slippage, and the top layer is stain resistant.  
  • The XPACK VR Mat is a great value for the money and will add comfort to your VR gaming experience. 


3 Logitech G333 VR Gaming Earphones 

Logitech G333 VR Gaming Earphones (1)

The third one is on the list of VR accessories for the oculus quest. Oculus Quest 2 VR game headphones offer low latency and deliver audio that only you can hear. These headphones offer dedicated drivers for excellent audio detail and the greatest possible gaming experience.  

A noise-canceling microphone is also included for simple pairing and setup. And they’re ideal for prolonged VR gaming sessions. To understand more about these headphones, continue reading. We sincerely hope you adore them as much as we do. 

The headset features custom silicon ear tips and aluminum housing that are specially mapped for the Oculus Quest 2 headset. This best VR headset also has a pinhole microphone for hands-free gaming. This headset weighs nearly two pounds. Despite their weight, the Logitech earphones can be a great choice for VR gamers. These headphones are lightweight, durable, and provide great sound. 

They work with all the popular gaming systems and consoles. Their two dedicated audio drivers deliver high-fidelity sound and minimize external noise. Their comfortable and durable aluminum housing offers a high-quality look and durable construction. The USB-C adapter is a handy feature that makes them compatible with any gaming system. Although they’re not very powerful in terms of audio power, they are still a good value for the price. 

These VR Gaming Earbuds have a shorter cable and mic support than their counterparts, but they’re still very comfortable and provide excellent audio quality. They’re also lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long. They also keep air flowing around your ears, which is important when playing VR games. These earbuds are a must-have for any VR gaming enthusiast! 

These Logitech G333 are VR accessories for iPhone and game consoles with a 3.5mm headphone jack. They work with Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. They also work with most PCs with headset jacks.  

However, you need to purchase a Y-adapter if you have a PC with separate headphones and microphone ports. Alternatively, you can connect your G333 VR Gaming Earphones to your phone with an adapter that has a 3.5mm jack. 

Logitech G333 VR Gaming Earphones

Benefits of Logitech G333 VR Gaming Earphones 

The Logitech G333 VR Gaming earphones are a great choice for those who enjoy virtual reality.  

  • The 3.5mm jack allows for a variety of cable lengths to accommodate the gamer’s preference.  
  • With an aluminum housing and dual dedicated audio drivers, the headphones deliver high-quality sound with minimal latency.  
  • Whether you enjoy playing FPS games or exploring a new world, you’ll appreciate the benefits of these earphones. 


4 NOLO motion tracking kit 

NOLO motion tracking kit (1)

The NOLO motion tracking kit for VR is an inexpensive and easy to use front-facing room-scale tracking system for mobile VR. The device supports SteamVR and mobile VR games with six degrees of freedom. Its compact, lightweight design and low positioning latency of less than 20ms allow users to enjoy immersive VR experiences anytime, anywhere. Here are some of the main benefits: 

  • The Nolo VR headset uses SodarTraq ultrasonic positioning technology.  
  • It also has a dual-camera SLAM solution.  
  • It has been targeting mobile networks and commercial brands.  
  • Nolo’s best virtuality headset can be customized to meet various needs, including short-focus and regular-focus display options, differentiated configuration, and brand customization.  

New Addition 

The company also announced an addition to the best VR accessories, a new VR gadget, the Nolo N2, at CES 2021. The Nolo CV1 Pro combines six-degrees-of-freedom tracking equipment with a smartphone-based VR headset. A 6DoF tracking kit compatible with Huawei VR Glass is included with the Nolo CV1 Air. The Nolo X1 standalone headset, which offers a 96-degree field of view and wireless streaming for SteamVR, also contains a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 CPU. 

Benefits of the NOLO Motion Tracking Kit 

The NOLO motion tracking kit is a versatile accessory for VR.  

  • It’s particularly useful for mobile VR, which has limited tracking options. Providing hand tracking and full room-scale support can improve your virtual reality experience.  
  • Read on for more benefits of this kit. 
  • Its affordability is also a benefit. Users will find it convenient to use the NOLO wherever they are. 


5 Skywin PSVR 

Skywin PSVR

If you’re interested in PlayStation VR and searching for the best VR accessories, consider the Skywin PSVR best VR controllers accessories. The 3D Rudder Foot Motion Controller is a versatile motion controller designed for VR gaming. This accessory features dual high-speed ventilation fans to help preserve the life of your equipment.  

You can also plug in other accessories through its four USB 3.0 ports. This accessory will provide full motion control while playing PlayStation VR games. Its ergonomic design is comfortable and provides full movement control while in the virtual reality environment. 

The Skywin charging display stand makes charging your PlayStation VR headset easy. Its ergonomic design allows you to comfortably place your headset in a position where your hands can comfortably rest on the display. It also includes slots for two DualShock controllers or two Move controllers.  

If you’re interested in keeping your headset safe while playing, the Skywin PSVR accessories are a great choice. While the PlayStation VR headset may not fit into all of the storage spaces on your desk, they are comfortable and offer great protection. 

This retractable wire is a good option for use with the Skywin PSVR. It extends up to 71 inches and automatically recoils when you move your hands. This device also comes with a user’s manual and an 18-month warranty for peace of mind. The company offers 24×7 friendly customer service for additional support.  

There are many brands of PSVR accessories on the market. Some of the most popular brands include SENZER, KIWI design, Smatree, Skywin, and others. You can find honest feedback from 279 consumers about the products in these reviews. Their average rating is 4.9. If you’re interested in the Skywin PSVR accessories, consider checking them out today. So, what are you waiting for? 


Benefits of Skywin PSVR 

Skywin PSVR is a VR headset that comes with several features.  

  • It features a physical home centering button and formed ridges on its frame, which provide extra safety and room awareness.  
  • This footpad also provides extra distance from the ground, allowing you to keep your focus on the game and not the flashing boundary.  
  • It is compatible with Playstation VR Controllers of all generations. It also comes with a convenient carrying case that fits snugly into your pocket. 

Best VR Accessories – Other options  

Treadmills  Treadmills are among the best VR accessories. Although a VR treadmill won’t improve your VR experience, it can help you get ready for it. You’ll be able to modify the VR environment and employ various body parts. A VR treadmill is a great method to make VR headsets more comfortable. Virtual reality accessories, in addition to treadmills, also include purses, facial masks, shoes, wireless transmitters, firearms, and sensor-based gadgets. 
Charging station A charging station for your headset is an additional choice to think about. If you possess more than one headset, this station is a wonderful choice because it can support up to four devices simultaneously. Its large capacity for charging will keep your VR accessories charged. You may also keep your console and additional USB connections in there. The charging station is also made to keep the area neat. Even your PlayStation VR can be kept on it. 
Audio Strap The Audio Strap, a solid plastic headband with built-in headphones, is another choice for a VR headset. Compared to other choices, which rely on elastic straps and could interfere with your gameplay, this kind of headset is simpler to use. The headphones that come with the Audio Strap may not be the best, but they are incredibly comfy and can be altered to accommodate various ear sizes and positions. They provide an engaging VR experience. 



Our list of best VR accessories includes a variety of options to choose from so that you can improve your overall experience. Sound is incredibly important when it comes to ensuring you’re able to pay attention to your game. Plus, it’s a good way to ensure you don’t have to bother others in your living space if you share it with your favorite games. Never miss another bullet whizzing by your head again, and stay on beat while grooving along in Beat Saber. 

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