Conducting business in an evolved country like Switzerland means getting ahead of others by hook or by crook. Not only your business name needs to be on the top but also you need to prepare yourself for regular events and be technically advanced to deal with the competitors. Often when we talk about events and conferences, we come across the demand of vast number of laptops and ipads to entertain the guests and clients. In such cases, buying new devices and gadgets is like spending money for few moments of leisure and therefore, iPad and laptop rentals Switzerland is your last resort.

IT rentals in Switzerland

One World Rentals offer you IT rental services in Switzerland. We curate a wide range of ipads, Macbooks, Macbook pro rentals, Macbook Rental etc. Our devices are highly functional, in good working conditions, properly equipped with applications and software and secured. You need a cheap iPad on rent for a short term or would you like to iPad mini hire for test purposes?

A PC or a tablet belongs in the office to the standardized device. Each workstation is equipped with a powerful device with a large screen, where the employee can work easily and efficiently without any major problems. But what happens when there is work to be done outside the house? For example, seminars, events, fairs, conferences and other events are pending, where you may also have to present something? Your devices are not easy to take and carry away.

We rent iPads:

  • iPad rental for your trade show appearance
  • iPads for your event
  • iPad stand rent for your product presentation
  • iPads for testing
  • iPad for conferences, meetings and retail exposure

Contact us today. We will be glad to provide you with your tailor made offer on your iPad rental Switzerland!

Why rent iPads in Switzerland?

  • You pay for the iPad only the required rental period – no extra investment needed
  • The iPad rental is immediately tax deductible
  • You can test your iPad in peace
  • Longer service life – no problem! Ask for our terms for a longer iPad rental period.
  • IPad stand, iPad stand of different sizes are also provided
  • The iPad stand is particularly suitable for trade fairs, product presentations, exhibitions, as information desk in foyers and many more.

Contact us today and let us know your requirements in advance to help us serve you better!


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