Are you dependent on the latest technology to always get the best results? Certainly, you have also wondered how long the latest technology of laptops (also called notebooks) is really up-to-date. Do not break your head with ever-recurring and cost-intensive new acquisitions. Simply rent a laptop, this will take almost every required period and quantity.

Laptops and PCs for trade fairs and events

When you present yourself at trade fairs, events or congresses, you need to work with ever-new IT technology to provide the best possible performance. If you need laptops or notebooks, beamer and projection screens or similar event technology, get them in a rental like ours. Instead of making new purchases, you will receive all the latest equipment for the desired period and in almost every piece.

You deal with the decision to hire a laptop via our flexible model, a capital tie. In addition, you will be able to avoid the loss of liquidity through the rent, and you will be able to claim the favorable rental rates as deductible expenses. Obviously, you get our reliable service and if the laptops need to be replaced in the course of the rental, you will receive a replacement unit within 24 hours. There is no additional cost for maintenance at long-term rental. At your request we also offer a complete insurance package about Laptop Rental For Business.

You can rent professional event technology at ESE. Our team ensures a successful technical implementation of events throughout Europe. Whether you want to rent a conference, retail event or meeting technology for your exhibition stand, we have it all to serve you. As a full service provider, One World Rental offers you a complete package with services as mentioned below:

  • Planning and consulting.
  • Delivery.
  • Assembly and disassembly.
  • Installation and setup of event technology as well as.
  • Stand by service on site.

How do rentals make sense?

Well, this is the question for most of the companies that come to us. Well, whether you need devices in bulk or want them when away from your office, or even country, rentals for laptops and iPad Rental are the best choice. They are money saving alternative to purchasing or arranging from anyone else. Professionally maintained device yield better results and give better presentation of your name. Do not shy away from putting your queries to us. For any concerns, we are just one call away!


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