How iPad Rental Services Can Make a Meeting Go Green?

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December 17, 2018
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December 17, 2018

When it is told to companies and services that there are IT Rentals services that can provide iPad, Macbooks and laptops on rent, most of the companies are very pleased with the idea of hiring. But there are certain things that do not come to their time while hiring. Though we all are aware of ample of benefits these services provide, one aspect that is often overlooked is that iPad Rental services can make your meeting and events go green.

Now you will ask why rent iPads or Tablet PCs for your upcoming event of meeting. Well, there are many reasons for the same but the most compelling of them all is to consider the fact that this slate technology will save your resources, cut the cost and comes out to be environment friendly as well. Let us learn how these devices help to save energy and paper reduction and this is where the meeting and event planners come to see the immediate improvements as a result of adopting to these iPad and Tablet Rental.

Energy Usage

Traditionally, attendees and meeting planners bring their laptops to events. The problem with laptops is:

  • They require you to sit on hard surface or table in order to ensure proper stability
  • A laptop weighs around 7 to 8 pounds
  • They often create a barrier to the conversation
  • The battery life is often limited to 5 hours and thus you need a power outlet nearby you
  • Most of the laptops are not efficient energy, up to 45 Watts of Energy
  • You cannot walk around with the laptops and navigate your applications on a laptop

Now, think about the benefits if you rent Tablet PCs or rent iPads:

  • They can be used for sitting, standing or walking around
  • They are quite weightless and every information can be easily downloaded
  • There are no barriers as everything can be recorded and no need of typing or writing
  • Battery life of most of the handheld devices is 10 hours
  • The latest iPads and Tablet PC have Energy Star ratings, using around 15 watts of energy

Reducing Paper Usage

Tablet PCs are ideal to cut down all sort of paper including reading documents, taking notes, filling the registration form, survey and other reports. Several companies have adopted this strategy to lessen the impact on environment and decrease the overall printing cost. These companies now showcase designs, maps and presentations to the clients without much efforts and set up and can save the printing and paper cost every year.

Looking at the rising number of interactive technology and device rentals like iPads or Tablet PCs, it makes sense for any event planner to adopt Laptop Rentals services. However, it requires to look at the complete picture including energy output, printing, copying, time and staff needs as well as the green initiatives within your organizations or the client’s.

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