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December 17, 2018
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December 17, 2018

Whether you’re simply looking to rent a projector for a conference, or you need both screen and projector hire, we’ll have exactly what you need. It’s no wonder we’re the number one company which give best projector on rent service in London.

​​​​​Many business meetings, presentations, speakers, sessions, and corporate events rely on projection screens to provide primary or secondary images. Whether these images are the main focus of a presentation or if they’re simply helping to set the stage by adding a visual element to a speaker’s message, projection screens have long been a popular favorite for event planners and corporate meeting organizers. Screens and projectors are the long-running technology favorite for PowerPoint presentations, but these economical, portable, lightweight screens are remarkably versatile.

How to choose the right projector screen for your venue

Projector screens are probably the last thing on your mind when you are juggling multiple tasks in preparation for an event.
Whether you are organizing a meeting, conference or other event, if projections of information or visual effects are involved, the focus of your audience is going to be on the projection screen for a lot of the time. Therefore, you need to choose the right screen for the size of your venue and make sure it is suitable for your requirements.
For smaller venues, you will probably be able to use a portable projection screen that you can set up yourself. For other events such as conferences, product launches, award ceremonies and exhibitions you are going to need some help from experienced audio-visual specialists.

Digital projector rental for indoor and outdoor events

Whether you’re planning a conference or a product launch on your business premises or in a conference hall or you want to put on an outdoor event that requires a large screen, we offer AV hire and Projector hire to event organizers need.

We’re the number one company if you’re looking to hire outdoor projectors, and can provide a range of event projector screens together with AV hire to suit any kind of event, complete with an expert technician, should you require one.

The better the quality of the projector, the better the quality of the image

In other words, the better the quality of the projector, the higher the resolution. A higher resolution means more pixels. In basic terms that mean that there will be more dots of light per square inch and the higher the number of dots the projector projects, the better the quality, color and definition of the image on the screen.

Importance of high-quality AV equipment

When used properly, AV allows you to share powerful messages with your audience and encourages interaction which in turn will leave a lasting memory of your presentation with them, whether that is a sales message or educational content.

With advancements in video and presentation creation tools the opportunities to best utilize the AV equipment really are endless and we are here to help show you to do so.

The technology behind AV can bring your content to life, helping your audience to better connect with your messaging, whether that be through visual content, sound, lighting, or improved interaction.

Are you planning for an outdoor event or conference

So, if you are planning an outdoor event or conference in London then give us a call and find out what we can do for you. We are confident that we will have the right projector and AV hire for you in our range. We also have the expertise and know how to set up the equipment and support you throughout the show/event. We’re here to ensure everything runs smoothly for that all-important event. So, you can call us on +44 2078621702 or contact us online and let us take care of all your projector needs and requirements.

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